19 Fruit Salad Recipes That Are Absolutely Scrumptious

Fruit salad cravings don’t necessarily hit every day. But when they do, they hit hard, and you want a solid collection of fruit salad recipes in your back pocket to feed the need.

If you associate fruit salads with sad little cups of underripe melon and mushy grapes—or if “fruit salad recipe” means whatever random assortment of fruit is lying around to you—it’s time to change that. Because the right recipe can elevate fruit salad from just okay to positively divine.

The truth is fruit salads done correctly can be many things: elegant, zesty, surprising, colorful, refreshing, and filling. Side or snack, breakfast or dessert. Sweet and tangy, or sweet and savory, or sweet and spicy. And just wait until you start adding unexpected elements, like veggies, nuts, and dressings. In fact, what about fruit salads with a little fancy cheese? How about something with a whole grain or a handful of fresh herbs? Why not add CHOCOLATE OR A MARSHMALLOW TOPPING?!

This collection of fruit ideas will inspire you to start thinking outside the box, and show you there’s a fruit salad for every occasion—from a random Tuesday afternoon snack, to wine on the stoop, to a big old holiday party. With little foresight, a few ripe ingredients, and so many creative fruit salad recipes ready to go, your fruity combo will never disappoint.

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