19 Turkey Gravy Recipes That Make Everything on the Thanksgiving Table Better

Finding the right turkey gravy recipe for Thanksgiving is no joke. Deeply savory, unctuous, and rich, there’s a solid chance it’s going to be drizzled on literally everything you serve. That’s why knocking your homemade turkey gravy out of the park is absolutely essential. And lucky for you, this list is here to help. The best turkey gravy recipe typically calls for turkey drippings and stock—with added aromatics for flavor and a starch to thicken things up. Fat from the turkey (and usually some added butter) binds to the starch to create a creamy roux that can be a canvas for experimentation. Try adding a sprinkle of MSG for an umami-to-the-max effect, or a splash of hard cider to up the cozy fall vibes with a burst of seasonal sweetness. Whether you’re keeping things simple this year or doing the most as the host, these turkey gravy recipes are here to make everything on your table taste better.

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