30 Recipes We’re Nuts About (Literally)

Small but mighty, nuts impart infinite layers of flavor and texture to everything they touch. Crunchy or creamy? Buttery or bitter? Sweet or spicy? Nuts can do it all, taking their rightful place in zingy pesto, smoky muhammara, or even fudgy brownies. They’re a versatile substitute for heavy cream or milk, bringing richness and body to dairy-free dishes like this creamy pasta, made silky thanks to blended cashews. And ground almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts can even stand in for flour, resulting in plush cakes with deep flavors. Or enjoy nuts all on their own (roasted, please!)—with enough fat and spice you can transform them from snack into party snack.

So next time you consider these little guys as supporting characters in the ingredient hierarchy, take our word (and this list) for it—nuts are the star of the show.

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