32 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas That Are Solid Holiday Gold

Planning a Thanksgiving menu is serious work. The expectations are high, and while there’s plenty of room to mix and match, there are certain classic Thanksgiving dishes your guests are always going to expect to see at dinner. We’re talking about buttery mashed potatoes, a crispy-skinned roasted turkey looking glorious at the center of the table, and a slice of pumpkin pie to close out the night. So if you’re after a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year, this list of tried-and-true recipes has everything you need and more. You’ll find beautifully-charred roasted green beans, sweet and savory casseroles, and all the irresistible turkey stuffings you know you’ve been craving since last November. Sure, there are a lot of recipes in this Thanksgiving menu, but they’re all instantly recognizable, delicious, and the best kind of nostalgic—and that’s something to be thankful for.

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