33 Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes to Fill Up Your Plate (And Your Heart)

A common fall question at BA: So, what’s the difference between Thanksgiving stuffing and dressing? Not much, actually! The first is usually cooked inside the turkey cavity (sorry), whereas the second is cooked separately in a pan. But whatever you call it, I’m sure we can all agree that buttery carb casserole is delicious. Like many Thanksgiving sides, how to make stuffing is more nuanced than you might imagine. In other words, take this list of our best Thanksgiving dressing recipes and go wild! Keep it gluten-free with this crispy black rice and and sausage stuffing. Skip the usual loaf and lace your cornbread with salty salami. Or go full traditional with our crowd-favorite since 2012: The simplest and best turkey stuffing. When all is said and done, be sure to transform any (unlikely) leftovers into this ingenious fried rice. Read on for more of our best Thanksgiving stuffing and dressing recipes. And whatever you do, save room for dessert.

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