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53 Breakfast Recipes Guaranteed to Make You a Morning Person

Consider this list your breakfast recipes cheat sheet—the place to find all the decadent three-ingredient chia puddings, satisfying breakfast pastries, and elegantly embellished avocado toasts actually worth getting out of bed for. But don’t stress: You won’t need to be up before dawn to get it right! Many of the recipes here are the kind of make-ahead breakfasts you can prep the night before, so you can throw off the covers and and dive into your overnight oats just a few minutes before your first Zoom call. And for the days you’ve got less time to plan? Try a smoothie or perfectly fluffy omelet. From a messy, fill-you-up-till-lunchtime egg sandwich chock-full of jammy onions to nutritious breakfast ideas like a vibrant, herby shakshuka to homemade cashew yogurts for a fully vegan breakfast, there’s something for everyone on this list. What’re you waiting for? The best breakfast recipes await you.

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