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Creating a Home Study Station Is How I Keep My Kids Engaged in Homeschooling

I, like so many other parents, am new to this homeschooling thing. Even though I have a background in teaching, it has definitely been an adjustment with challenges that are entirely different from those I have encountered in the classroom. It can be tough to stick to a schedule and to keep things organized, especially with small children who like to play with just about anything. One of the things that has made it easier, though, is setting up a home learning station that acts as a sort of educational base. I chose to set ours up in a dedicated space in our children’s play room. From there, we can do virtual lessons, reading, writing practice, and arts and crafts. The rest of the house and backyard act as expanded learning spaces for hands-on activities.

Our home learning station is simple but efficient. I chose to use a kids’ table and chairs rather than a desk. We use an easel with a whiteboard for writing practice, and I also made room for a tablet, a small laptop, art supplies, and drawing paper. You may be wondering how to set up your own home learning station, so here are a few helpful tips.

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