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Gulfam Khan tried bringing humour that kids understand in ‘Nikki Aur Jaadui Bubble’

Gulfam Khan tried bringing humour that kids understand in ‘Nikki Aur Jaadui Bubble’

By TellychakkarTeam
18 Apr 2021 11: 03 PM


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MUMBAI: Actress Gulfam Khan says she has tried to reach out to the target audience with her performance in the new children’s show, “Nikki Aur Jaadui Bubble”.”When I auditioned for this show, I had one thing in mind. There are going to be a lot of children watching this show and so I have to bring humour that children understand, jokes or one liners that children can relate to. The look, which is amazingly interesting, was completely decided by the creative directors of the production house and channel and a huge credit goes to the stylist Praanav. This is my third show with him and he just goes out on the limb to make you look amazing,” she says.Talking about her role in the show, she says that she has taken inspiration from the films such as “Seeta Aur Geeta” and “Chaalbaaz”.”My role in this show is that of a warden, who is strict, but funny and she always falls flat on her face with her antics. This character is a mixture of famous Chachi from Bollywood movie Sita Aur Gita, Amba in Chaalbaaz and my previous character Nazneen of Aladdin,” she says.Gulfam says that she has always been fond of children and working with so many is a delight.”I have always been close to my nephews and nieces and I befriend children very easily. There are 10 in this show and I get along with them like a house on fire. I don’t have a favourite among them as they all are lovely and I do need to mention this too that the mothers are amazing too, they all share responsibility and handle children amazingly well. Everyday on shoot is like a picnic,” she says.The actress has been seen in shows such as “Naamkarann”, “Do Hanso Ka Joda” and “Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann”.SOURCE : IANS


Gulfam Khan Nikki Aur Jaadui Bubble Seeta aur Geeta Chaalbaaz Naamkarann Do Hanso Ka Joda Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann TellyChakkar

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