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H.E.R. Among Artists Educating Kids on Civics in Netflix Series ‘We the People’

H.E.R. took on the “Active Citizenship” episode, writing and performing the song “Change.” It deals with teaching young people to get involved with issues in the community by volunteering, writing letters to elected officials and peaceful protest.

The animated segment was directed by Oscar-winner Peter Ramsey, known for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

H.E.R. admits the idea to make music and educate seemed daunting at first.

“I was like thinking about all these topics and how can I make this, like, cool? And, you know, it just started off with just saying exactly what it is: ‘Wrote a letter to the mayor can you hear me out.’ Like how would we really have a conversation about this with somebody who doesn’t necessarily understand,” she said.

That made the process fun, while at the same time gratifying — she was educating the viewer with important information.

The 23-year-old believes the importance of the subject matter lies in the lack of understanding many citizens have when it comes to the rights and duties of citizenship.

“I feel like sometimes things aren’t taught on purpose,” the recording artist said.

H.E.R. cited the power of artists like Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye when it comes to writing music about social justice.

“[They] are saying things so simply. But we digested them, and we really thought about the way that we live our lives based on this music,” she said.

And it’s because music is a language that everyone understands.

“It’s something that makes us feel good, makes us want to fall in love and makes us sad or makes us learn. And so, what better way to teach, especially people at a young age or of all ages,” she said.

She hopes the collection of music videos in We the People will “share the knowledge, that hasn’t always been shared” when it comes to rights, privileges and responsibilities.

“It’s up to us to make these changes and to empower the youth. So, as we grow, as we learn, we teach. And in that, I think will make a huge difference,” she said.

We the People premieres Sunday (July 4) on Netflix.

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