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Mum-of-16 says she’ll keep having more kids until ‘we can’t have babies anymore’

Jeni Bonell and husband Ray, from Queensland, in Australia, have an enormous family consisting of nine sons and seven daughters, aged between six and 31

The Bonell Family

They are Australia’s largest family

The parents of Australia’s largest family, who boast a 16-strong brood, have admitted they want even more kids.

Jeni Bonell and husband Ray, from Queensland, have a hefty family consisting of nine sons and seven daughters, aged between six and 31.

They regularly share insights into their hectic life on Instagram and YouTube, with Jeni saying she’s ‘blessed’ to have so many kids.

Jeni, 51, has previously shared how she spends £243 a week on food for the family.

In June she revealed how she treated her husband and children to breakfast for dinner, consisting of scrambled eggs, toast, baked beans and bacon.

The feast was made up of 36 eggs, endless tins of beans and several loaves of bread.

Jeni Bonell and husband Ray, from Queensland, Australia



Jeni used a banquet fryer to cook 18 eggs at a time, before shifting the finished one to the oven to keep them warm.

In a new YouTube video Jeni revealed she and her husband are open to having more children if they can.

Answering questions from fans while out running errands Ray said: “We would love more kids. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but we would love more.”

Jeni added: “We are very happy with what we’ve got, we are very open to having more.

“Eventually, age and that next season of life will prevent that, but there is always hope.

“If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, we’re happy either way.”

Later in the interview she said: “We will keep having babies until we can’t have babies anymore.”

Answering how the couple met they said they were out dancing and a song came on Jeni liked so she propositioned her future husband to dance and ‘the rest is history.’

The family regularly shares updates on their daily lives



They have been married for 32 years, she added.

Asked about pregnancy she said she always enjoyed it and that it had been part of the reason they had so many children.

Talking about why they had so many children Jeni said: “It’s fun.

“There are a lot of sacrifices that come with having a family this size, but for us, it’s right. For a lot of other people it might not be.’

“But we put 100 per cent into raising our kids and into our family life so for us it’s perfect.”

Previously, Jeni shared a photo of a big family takeaway evening which saw them order four large family bundle meals from Australian chain Hungry Jacks.

This included eight beef flame-grilled Whoppers, eight cheeseburgers, 40 chicken nuggets, 16 fries and 16 soft drinks.

The slap-up meal cost $131.80 (£70).

The mum also regularly posts about the large scale shopping trips she goes on.

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