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Stray Kids Celebrate Their Bright Future in ‘The View’

The South Korean group embrace the warmth of summer colors and sound in their latest release

Known for their signature booming soundscape, South Korean boy group Stray Kids display their knack for versatility in “The View.”

Penned down by TELYKast, Krysta Youngs alongside Bang Chan, Han and Changbin (popularly known as the group’s producing unit 3RACHA), “The View ” is an up-beat, celebratory track that reflects on the group’s journey thus far. The synth-pop number embraces all-things summer with a smooth and uplifting EDM base, embodying the group’s path from trials to tribulations to reaping the fruits of their hard work and resilience: “The rough and tiring typhoon has passed/ Now I can see a thousand miles in front of me.”

Unveiling a different persona both visually and sonically, the music video sees the group unwinding and enjoying each other’s company in a lush open field. Sharing a powerful statement on goal-setting, Stray Kids has also included a neon-lit sign board in the video that reads, ‘Dreams come true to those who truly want them.’ Seeming elated and content with where they currently are, the group holds onto optimism about where their artistry will take them next; “I like the view right now, yeah/ Wherever I go, I’ll be okay.”

Featured on Stray Kids’ second studio album NOEASY, “The View” follows the release of the power-packed lead single, “Thunderous.” As of August 31st, NOEASY crossed the prestigious million-seller mark with 1,100,000 copies of the album sold, making Stray Kids the first group under JYP Entertainment to hit this milestone.

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