The 10 Most Popular Recipes of September 2021

September was all about getting back into the grind and cooking cozy meals that fit into our go-go-go lifestyles. But the data shows our most popular recipes went well beyond Tupperware filled with steamed broccoli and bland chicken. Instead, we learned how to cook up giant pots of the all-purpose coconut curry sauce that Spiecewalla founder and chef Meherwan Irani designed for the exact purpose of storing and using as a shortcut on lazy days to come. And lunch was a no-brainer after prepping jars of Hetty McKinnon’s quick cashew cream, which became the foundation for these creamy udon noodles and a perfect drizzle over roasted carrots and chickpeas. With meal prep done and dusted, October’s lookin’ easy, breezy, and under control. Here are our most popular recipes from September—starting with No. 1.

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