These Mini Meringue Toppers Are Shaped Like Animals, and OMG, the Corgi Butts

There’s something special about enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, and as Instagram would have it, there’s a new trend that’s making it so much better. The Instagram account Amy’s Kitchen, or @cookingwithamyy, has sent hot-chocolate-lovers into a tizzy thanks to the too-cute-to-be-true mini meringues that have graced the page. These sweet treats are shaped into Dachshunds, Corgis – well, Corgi butts, if you flip them over – and more adorable little animals. To say they’re the cutest addition to a cup of cocoa is an understatement. They float just like marshmallows and have the same sugary taste as traditional meringues, just with a cuter design, of course.
If you’re looking to upgrade the classic cocoa-and-marshmallow combo, these mini meringues will do just the trick. Perfect to pair with everything from caffeine-filled lattes to ice-cold milkshakes, these animal-shaped desserts are sure to give anyone puppy-dog eyes. Keep reading to see how Amy makes these sweet treats, ahead. Got cocoa?


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