This Is the Best Way to Find Specialty Groceries

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Scouted/Mischelle MoyBelieve it or not, I actually really enjoy going to the grocery store. There is something about strolling through the linoleum-paved aisles and perusing the fully-stocked shelves that sparks a certain spontaneity and exploration I find lacking in my daily routine, especially these days. I understand why people don’t like going: it can be a chore and a hassle, and even risky these days. Recently though, I came across a new way to grocery shop. It’s not a meal-kit service, but is instead a way to make finding those hard-to-find groceries much easier—and it’s entirely online.If you haven’t already added Umamicart to your bookmarks bar, you should. The site stocks over 500 well-curated Asian grocery products, including hard-to-find snacks, fresh produce, meat, sauces, and other panty staples. If you order over $49 worth of groceries (which isn’t difficult to do) before 3PM, it will all ship free to your door by the next day. While they only ship to parts of the Northeast as of now, they are hoping to expand in the near future.The shopping experience is well thought out, too. You can see favorites, or shop by category and unearth virtual aisles they’ve created to make the shopping experience more fluid. They also offer meal kits and recipes, like Dumpling Essentials or Hot Pot Essentials to help you along your culinary journey.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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