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Tom Hanks’s grandkids know he’s famous — but aren’t that impressed

Tom Hanks has won two Oscars and dozens of other awards and is quite possibly the most likable celebrity in Hollywood. But that’s not enough to impress his two granddaughters.

Colin Hanks revealed that his kids, Olivia, 10, and Charlotte, 8, know how famous their grandfather is but aren’t all that interested in his résumé.

Colin Hanks says his daughters aren't interested in his and Tom Hanks's careers. (WireImage)

Colin Hanks says his daughters aren’t interested in his and Tom Hanks’s careers. (WireImage)

“They’re aware of what he does for sure,” Colin, one of the actor’s four adult children, told Us Weekly. “It’s just the same way they’re aware of what their father does for a living, but they don’t have really much interest in it. … I mean, I wasn’t on Hannah Montana, so they don’t really have any interest in what I do.”

The Life in Pieces star added he doesn’t think either girl has the acting bug.

“Hopefully, they don’t choose that,” Colin said. “I keep telling them they can do whatever they want. … I really am more interested in seeing what they choose to do and what they sort of gravitate toward. That’s always an important thing for parents to do.”

While the girls aren’t into Tom Hanks the actor, they are into grandpa. Colin previously told the magazine that when they spend time together as a family, it’s “like every other playdate with a grandparent.”

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